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San Antonio Sprinkler Installations

Done right, the first time, everytime.
Seven year warranty on all parts and labor.

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San Antonio Sprinkler Service

Sprinkler Service

Scheduled Maintainenece is the key to a long lasting sprinkler system

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San Antonio Sprikler Repair

Sprinkler System Repair

Did you go with one of those other guys and now regretting your decision?
Do not worry we can fix it no matter who installed it.

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Landscaping lighting & sod placement

What is the point of a sprinkler system if you do not have a beuatiful yard to
maintain. From Laying Sod to Outdoor lighting, we keep your home looking its best 24 hours a day.

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San Antonio & Austin Sprinklers

Sprinkler System Installation

Are you tired of spending countless hours manually watering your lawn with sprinklers and the endless hassle of dragging those hoses and sprinklers all over your lawn? Do you find it frustrating that, even with all your work, your lawn still is not doing as good as it should be?

Why not install an automatic sprinkler system and make your life easier? Installing a sprinkler system will pay for itself over time just in the money you save through water conservation (which is especially important in the San Antonio  and Austin areaa.) When watering by hand, 50 percent of the water used is lost by runoff and evaporation.

We'd love to hear from you to discuss a sprinkler system from All American Irrigation Systems. With us, you can be certain you will only get the best. Not only do we use the latest in irrigation technology, we only use the highest quality components for years of trouble free performance. Even if you do have a problem, our sprinkler systems come with a five year warranty. And when we install a new sprinkler system, there is only minimal damage to grass and surrounding landscape.

Lawn Care and Maintenance Service

San Antonio Lawn Care Prices

Ready to service San Antonio and the surrounding metropolitan areas, the AAIS Lawn Maintenance Division can easily relieve you from the burden of caring for your lawn, no matter how large, or unmaintained it is!

We offer one time services, and customized contracts so you can be sure that your yard’s unique needs are met within your budget.

Whether you want to grow your lawn, or mow your lawn, All American Irrigation Systems Lawn Maintenance Division is your answer!

Existing Sprinkler System Service

In addition to our great new sprinkler systems, we will also service any existing sprinkler system you have installed that isn't functioning properly. Whether it is leaking water, not covering all the areas, or just needs a tune up, AAIS will be there for you.

San Antonio Landscaping services

So, you thought we only did irrigation systems, did you? Not anymore! We offer a wide range of landscaping services. We can design that landscaping dream, and implement it too! Call us now, and we will get right to work!

Landscape Lighting

We now offer landscape lighting installation! Call us today for a free quote! Landscape lighting dramatically changes your landscaping at night. And with low voltage bulbs installed, you will hardly notice your electric bill increase!

Sprinkler installation estimates are always free

Now Hiring for SVS technicians and Lawn maintenance. Call us today to learn more. 

"We Honor and Serve Our Lord, Our Country, and Our Customers"

Our Mission

Chris Mayberry, Owner And Jonathan Mayberry, Vice President

All American Irrigation Systems was founded by Chris Mayberry. Chris has over 15 years of experience in the irrigation profession working as a technician, manager and business owner in and around the San Antonio & Austin area.

AAIS's goal is to bring you the most pleasant experience possible when you are dealing with the irrigation profession. We also try to use the least invasive technique that we can when we are taking care of your irrigation needs.

  • To Serve God and our customers by providing effective, innovative, high quality products to further the irrigation profession.
  • To Build a relationship with our customers that extends beyond product usage to include full and honest dialogue, responsiveness to feedback, and the exchange of information about products and support services.
  • To Respect, value, and serve not only our customers, but also our co-workers, vendors, owners, government, and community; to be concerned about and contribute to their well-being, and to operate with integrity so as to be deserving of their trust.
  • To Provide meaningful work, fair compensation, and a safe, healthy work environment that encourages openness, creativity, self-discipline,and growth.
  • To Acknowledge the value of each person’s contribution to our goals, and to foster teamwork in our tasks.
  • To Further the Kingdom of God by devoting a portion of our time,talents, and resources to community concerns and human needs, in Texas and around the globe.
  • To Work Together to contribute to the long-term value and sustainability of our company.
State of Texas Licensed Irrigation
LIC# 17058