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Sprinkler System Installation

Are you tired of spending countless hours manually watering your lawn with sprinklers and the endless hassle of dragging those hoses and sprinklers all over your lawn?  Do you find it frustrating that, even with all your work, your lawn still is not doing as good as it should be?

Why not install an automatic sprinkler system and make your life easier? Installing a sprinkler system will pay for itself over time just in the money you save through water conservation which is especially important in the Cibolo, TX area.

We'd love to hear from you to discuss a sprinkler system from All American Irrigation Systems. With us, you can be certain you will only get the best. Not only do we use the latest in irrigation technology, we only use the highest quality components for years of trouble free performance. Even if you do have a problem, our sprinkler systems come with a seven year warranty. And when we install a new sprinkler system, there is only minimal damage to grass and surrounding landscape.

Estimate Process

One of our team members will schedule a time for a licensed irrigator to meet with you in person so that we can introduce ourselves and discuss your specific watering needs. We will take the time to listen to all of your needs and will offer suggestions based upon our knowledge and experience. We will also ask if there are any plans in the future to modify the existing landscape such as adding a patio, deck or even a pool. This is important because we can design your system so that modifications will be simpler and less expensive for future projects.

Once the watering needs have been determined, we check the static water pressure, the meter size, and location. This is very important because no two houses are the same.

We use this information to help us determine how many gallons of water we can use per zone, pipe size, valve size and more. We will also be looking at any hardscapes such as driveways, sidewalk and planter beds. We will also include plants, soil conditions, and other factors.

After measuring the property we are able to determine sprinkler type, quantity, and placement. We then can customize your property with head to head spacing to ensure that your landscaping receives 100% coverage without run off and a river named after you going down the street. We use all this information to determine our proposal/estimate. We will then go over the proposal with you and discuss the installation process, warranty and answer any questions that you may have.

Once an agreement has been made the customer signs the contract and we schedule your installation. The office will then pull all required permits for your city and arrange for all of the underground utilities to be located on your property. This process usually take 2-3 Business days to complete. And remember: A sprinkler system might be more inexpensive then you think.

Sprinkler Installation Day

On your day of installation, we will send a licensed irrigator out to flag your property prior to starting the work. Flags are placed to identify the location of every sprinkler head. We then go over your system design with our foreman and discuss any future change such as shed, patio, deck or pool that we discuss in the estimate phase. We will also go over were the controller will be placed.  An AAIS crew member will begin digging for the installation of the backflow preventer and master valve, while another crew member begins digging around the marked utility lines on the property to ensure there are no damage to the lines.

The trenches are cleaned out to ensure appropriate depth and free of any rocks or debris. We will then begin installing the mainline piping, running wires, installing valves and backflow preventer. The next step is to installation the lateral lines (piping) from the valves to all of the sprinklers heads. AAIS uses a flex pipe that connects to the lateral piping to provide protection against mowers and vehicles running over the sprinkler heads (this is also city code requirements). All landscape beds will be hand dug to prevent damage to any of the landscaping. We use head to head spacing and set all sprinkler heads at the proper height and distance from any hardscape. After all the piping, valves, wiring and sprinklers heads have been properly installed we will then start covering up the trenches. The backflow preventer and master valve that was installed next to the water meter along with some of the sprinkler heads along the hardscapes (sidewalk and driveway) will have to remain open for the city’s’ inspection.

Just before the completion of the installation, we will install the controller and rain sensor and also connect the wires and valves with the proper underground connectors. An AAIS crew member will run each station to flush out all the sprinkler heads of any debris due to the installation. We will then install the proper filters and nozzles to all of the sprinkler heads. Once this has been completed we will test the controller, the valves and sprinkler heads to ensure everything is functioning properly. We will then make all of the proper adjustments so that none of the sprinkler heads are spraying water on the house, concrete, fence etc. Finally, we test the backflow preventer to ensure that it is functioning properly and leave the test report for the city inspector. AAIS has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Most of our residential systems are installed in one day leaving minimal disturbance to your landscape.

Last but not least, our office team will schedule for the city inspector to come out and examine the installation. Once we have received notification that the inspection has passed we will send a technician out to your property to cover up and do the final walk-through.


Alright at this point we are ready to do the walk-through with you. You are now minutes away from having more free time and saving money. During the walk-through, the licensed technician will run the system and show you how each station is laid out and operates. He will also make any necessary adjustment and answer any questions you may have regarding the sprinkler system design. We then will assist you in setting up a program that is suited for your landscape watering needs and the cities watering restrictions if any are in place. The technician will also explain the functions of the controller and rain sensorWe will never leave your home or business until you understand completely how to operate the controller. 

If you happen to have an issue operating the controller within the warranty period, we will gladly give you another tutorial free of charge. Also, for your convenience in case you need service or your annual backflow prevention test, we will place a sticker on your controller that has our company name and contact information. The technician will then explain any preventative maintenance plans we may be offering at the time. Finally, you will sign off on the walk-through invoice signifying that you are another 100% satisfied customer.

Cibolo Sprinklers Service and Repair

In addition to our great new sprinkler systems, we also service any existing sprinkler system in the Cibolo and metropolitan area you have installed that isn't functioning properly.

Whether it is leaking water, not covering all the areas, or just needs a tune up, AAIS will be there for you. All of our technicians are licensed and certified by the TCEQ (Texas Commission of Enviromental Quality).

We are the experts in sprinkler repair. Our Team has years of Experience in the sprinkler repair industry, AAIS is proud to have remained a leader in the sprinkler repair business. Our technicians are licensed and are ready to provide you with quality and professional service for your residential and commercial needs. All of our service technicians are uniformed. They will arrive to your home in one of our well known identified AAIS trucks. Our fully stocked service vehicles have the latest technology and equipment to ensure we can make any sprinkler system repair look easy. No work will be performed without consulting with the homeowner or proper manager first.

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